Supply Chain Solutions

Solutions for Accurate Labeling, Packing, Shipping, Traceability
& Honda MPR Compliance

Supply Chain Solution for Automotive Compliance

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AIAG 2014 QC Summit

"Using New Technologies at Line-side to Improve QC"

You can easily comply with Honda MRRs, and increase efficiency on your plant floor by automating and error-proofing manual processes for identifying, counting, packing, labeling, shipping and tracing finished product.

SPEDE Automated Line-side Solutions leverage PLCs, Vision, Weigh/ Count Scales, Push-buttons and Touchscreens to eliminate errors, streamline processes and reduce costs. These WiFi solutions interface to your host ERP, EDI, Release Accounting and OEE systems.

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  • Honda MPR Compliance / Line-side Labeling: Honda suppliers can meet MPRs, and all auto suppliers can label, pack and ship Finished Parts with 100% accuracy by using WiFi-enabled technology at line-side to trigger a container label to print automatically when a pack count of good parts is correct.
  • Lot/Serial Traceability: Having easy access to accurate, electronic Backward / Forward traceability records for the products you make and sell is critical to protecting your Customers and your Brand if a major QC issue or outbreak of illness should occur. SPEDE Solutions create a detailed electronic history of Traceability data automatically as a by-product of scanning serialized inventory transactions from Receiving through Shipping.
  • Shipping Control: Eliminate shipping discrepancies and the resulting expedited freight costs. Automate and error-proof your Picking and Trailer Loading processes with SPEDE Shipping Control.

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