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Real-time Traceability Inside your 4 Walls

If your facility experienced a major quality issue or an outbreak of foodborne illness, the ability to rapidly trace the problem inside your 4 Walls, plus one step Back / one step Forward into your Supply Chain would be critical to:

  • Protecting the health of consumers
  • Protecting your brand
  • Minimizing your company's risk and liability
  • Reducing the scope and cost of a recall event.

With 24/7 access to detailed, real-time electronic traceability records, you can respond quickly to the crisis and expedite the process of:

  • Identifying, containing and eliminating the QC problem
  • Minimizing its impact on your consumers
  • Miniziming the impact on your company and your supply chain partners.

The ability to trace your product at least one step Back /one step Forward is a mandate under the new Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).

The SPEDE Raw Material, Work-in-Process and Finished Goods modules capture traceability data automatically, as a by-product of scanning inventory transactions from Receiving through Shipping.There is no additional recordkeeping needed.

For more information, download:

  1. Flow Diagram: FDA Traceability for Finished Product"
  2. White Paper: Internal Traceability Is the Keystone to Success under FSMA

Capturing "Critical Tracking Events"

Capture Traceability Data by Scanning Transactions

Scan Pallet S/N to Capture Traceability Data

What are Critical Tracking Events? These are inventory transactions that provide the "Who, What, When, Where" details you will need to:

  • Determine the origin of the QC problem
  • Identify specific Lots / Serial numbers of affected product
  • Locate & quarantine all affected product to prevent shipment
  • Trace Forward all shipped product to its ship-to locations
  • Limit a Recall to only the affected units
  • Trace Back to appropriate Suppliers, if necessary

When you scan a serialized inventory label to record an inventory transaction, SPEDE automatically records the Critical Tracking Event details.

This data is stored in the real-time SPEDE Event Database. You can trace serialized units of inventory to see when they were:

  • Received
  • Issued
  • Produced
  • Labeled
  • Picked
  • Packed
  • Shipped

Learn More: Download our Traceability Diagram with Critical Tracking Events.

Detailed Lot / Serial Traceability Reports

Detailed Lot Tracking Reports - easily accessible 24/7


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Real-time Internal Traceability - 24/7

The SPEDE Event Database enables you to analyze and trace QC issues using any combination of parameters / ranges that you define, such as:

  • Batch
  • Lot
  • Serial number
  • Production machine
  • Run date
  • Order number
  • Work cell
  • Shift
  • Shipped date
  • Raw material components
  • Raw material suppliers, etc.

Do You Need Help Identifying "Critical Tracking Events" in your Operations?

With 32 years of experience in inventory tracking and traceability solutions, we can help you identify the Critical Tracking Events and "Key Data Elements" that must be captured as material moves through your operations, to:

  • Ensure FSMA compliance
  • Protect consumers from the impact of quality spills
  • Minimize your company's risk and liability when a quality issue occur
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