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About the SPEDE Labeling and Material Control System

Real-time Inventory Tracking and Traceability

Real-time Inventory Tracking and Traceability



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What does "SPEDE" mean?

The name SPEDE (pronounced "speedy") is an acronym for Standard Platform for Electronic Data Entry.

The SPEDE Real-time Material Control System is a suite of software modules that support a variety of wireless data collection devices to create a Real-time Information Platform in the manufacturing facility to:

  • Label, Track & Trace inventory at a granular level
  • Control Packing operations to prevent errors
  • Provide real-time visibility of production and inventory
  • Automate material handling operations from Receiving to Shipping;
  • Implement a common data collection platform that transacts with all Enterprise host systems.

This server-based solution connects to your WiFi network and uses a thin-client design to support WiFi-enabled PLCs, weigh scales, data collection, labeling and RFID devices.

The SPEDE System transacts with any host ERP, EDI or release accounting system, using loosely coupled interfaces.


Easily Configurable and Scalable

  • Tailored to Each Plant's Needs: The SPEDE software modules are readily configurable to meet a facillity's requirements, without major programming.
  • Easily Scalable: There's virtually no limit to the number of users and hardware devices that your SPEDE solution can support - and without impacting the real-time system performance.
  • Complete Hardware / Software Solution: We implement each SPEDE solution as a complete system that includes Software, Wireless Hardware, Installation and Full Support Services.

How Can SPEDE Benefit my Operations?

SPEDE gives Plant Management the real-time granular information they need to operate more efficiently and profitably, maintain optimal inventory levels, and ensure customer orders are accurate and shipped on-time.

1. Provides real-time Inventory, Production and Order Information, 24/7, for better decision-making

2. Automates labeling and material handling processes to reduce labor costs & eliminate errors

3. Creates Electronic Lot / Serial Traceability Records as a by-product of scanning transactions

4. Operates independently of Enterprise host systems to ensure 24/7 uptime

LEARN MORE. View a Plant Diagram of SPEDE Functionality.

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