33 years of IT Experience in Manufacturing

AIAG Compliance Consulting Services Since our founding in 1980, our focus has been implementing real-time inventory and shop floor control solutions that help industrial companies increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve profitability.

We know the business challenges caused by using error-prone manual processes, and a lack of real-time visibility of inventory and shop floor operations.

We also know the impact these challenges have on customer relationships, internal efficiency and profitability.

We solve these challenges by using WiFi and RFID technologies to control and streamline material handling operations, increase productivity and create a real-time information environment within the 4 walls.

Find out how our wireless solutions can help your company reduce labor and material costs, eliminate errors, and operate more profitably.

Too see the range of 4-Walls processes that we automate, download: SPEDE Plant Floor Diagram.

Call us at 888.808.4237 for a free consultation with a Business Analyst..

Professional Services - from Initial Analysis to Total Support

We manage all aspects of your wireless system implementation -from operations analysis, to multi-site rollouts, to future enhancements and remote, real-time support.

  1. Our tried and tested application modules are in use 24/7 in manufacturing sites throughout N. America.
  2. We can easily configure our software to deliver just the functionality you need.
  3. We can phase-in functionality later as your needs required.
  4. We help you leverage your software and hardware investment to get as much functionality as possible.
  5. We implement complete hardware/software solutions that are ready-to-use upon installation
  6. We support every component that we install - the WiFi and RFID devices, software and interfaces to your host systems

If you have a question or problem regarding any aspect of your SPEDE System, you make one phone call to SPEDE Technologies and we take it from there.

Services include -

  • Analyzing material-handling processes to identify opportunities for increased efficiency and accuracy
  • Tailoring SPEDE Application Software to fit your requirements
  • Integrating your existing weigh scales and PLCs into a real-time wireless network
  • Interfacing to your ERP, EDI and/or WMS system
  • Complete system installation and on-site training
  • Real-time remote support via the Internet
  • RFID Pilot Projects and RF Site Surveys

Learn more. Download a SPEDE System brochure or White Paper.

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