Automates Inter-Plant Transfers of WIP

Tracks WIP Transfers via Serial Number

Automates WIP Transfers
to Outside Facilities

The SPEDE Inter-plant Transfer module automates the process of tracking Work-in-Process that is shipped between your facilities for additional processing

Tracks WIP Transfers by Serial Number

All facilities in your enterprise can use the same serialized inventory label and SPEDE software platform to track and trace work-in-process being transferred between facilities.

Inter-plant transfers are recorded automatically by scanning the serial numbers of the outgoing units of inventory. This simple scanning step eliminates paperwork and data entry, and creates a precise time/date stamped record of serialized inventory units and their ship-to/transfer locations.

At the Shipping Facility -

The serial numbers of outbound containers are scanned or RFID-read as they are loaded into the trailer. This automatically creates an electronic manifest of the trailer's contents, similar to an ASN. The SPEDE System at your Shipping facility sends this "internal ASN" to the SPEDE System at your Destination facility, notifying them of the shipment en route.

At the Destination Facility -

The arriving material is received via scanning or RFID-reading the inbound serial numbers. The SPEDE System at this facility automatically verifies the receipts against the "internal ASN", and receives the Work-in-Process inventory.

Lot/serial traceability continues as the WIP inventory is processed at the Destination facility.

When the Work-in-Process is completed, the same scan-to-ship procedure is used to transfer the Work-in-Process back to the Shipping facility.

You will know exactly what was shipped, when, and to where.

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"As we load on this end, we're automatically sending an ASN to our own DC.
And they will do a scanned validation on receiving. "

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