Automating and Error-proofing Line-side Processes


Keyence Vision Sensor
for Parts ID, Counting, Scrap Detection




Kit Validation
A Vision Sensor detects
missing parts in a Jack Kit



Whether your challenge is Honda MPR compliance, or better control of line-side processes to improve quality and efficiency, SPEDE Automated Line-side Solutions can streamline and error-proof your operations - from production setup to real-time production reporting; and from controlling scrap and re-work to controlling the packing, labeling and parts traceability processes.

Our WiFi solutions interface to PLCs, weigh scales, vision sensors, touch screens and other technologies to create a real-time information network and ensure that finished parts are accurately identified, counted packed, labeled and traced.

We tailor our solutions to fit your procedures, equipment and data requirements at each production line. Plus you can add functionality at any time on a per-line or a per-site basis, as your needs require.

SPEDE solutions interface to host ERP, OEE and EDI systems. They are quick to install - typically going live within 90 days of contract date.

Use PLCs, Vision Sensors, Weigh Scales and more to error-proof your line-side processes...

  • Use a PLC to count Good & Scrap parts; automatically print a label when a pack count is reached.
  • Use a Vision Sensor to validate test jigs; identify parts; detect and count scrap and good pieces; kit validation; dunnage-layer validation. Print a label when pack count of good parts is reached.
  • Use a Weigh/ Count Scale to count parts; print a label automatically when pack count is correct.
  • Use a Touchscreen to display real-time production counts and machine run data; enable operator adjustments for scrap, rejects, partials at end of run.
  • Use Laser-etching or 2D technology to serialize each part.
  • Use a 2D Reader to read each part serial number for counting, tracking, verification at packing and labeling; item traceability back to production.
  • Use WiFi printers and power carts to create mobile print stations.
  • Collect and display real-time production data at line-side.
  • Collect OEE and Machine Run data from PLC; update host.
  • Interface to ERP, EDI and OEE systems.
  • Enable Honda MPR Compliance

Enables Honda MPR Compliance for accurate processes in:

  • Pre-production / Tool Validation
  • Process set-up
  • Production / WIP
  • Real-time Labeling
  • Re-pack / Re-label
  • Small Lot
  • Pass Thru
  • Shipping
  • Accountability and Traceability

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