Finished Goods Inventory Labeling, Tracking and Control

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Finished Goods: Label, Track, Ship, Trace

SPEDE Finished Goods is a real-time wireless solution to label, track, ship and trace Finished Parts inventory from the end of production through Warehousing to Shipping.

You'll know exactly what you have, how much, where it is now, where it was shipped, and the details about its production.

  1. Get real-time visibility of Inventory - Parts, Containers, Pallets - at the serialized unit level
  2. View real-time item location, quantity and status data, 24/7, via Browser on any WiFi device
  3. If QC Issues arise, assign real-time QC holds, Enterprise-wide to prevent further movement of suspect product
  4. Automate process to eliminate errors, reduce labor costs and increase productivity
  5. Transacts with host ERP, EDI and Release Accounting systems

Real-time Functionality includes:

WiFi Solution & Easily Scalable

Built on a wireless (802.11) platform, SPEDE Finished Goods is a thin-client server-based solution that manages all WiFi devices connected to the network including handhelds, RFID, PLCs, weigh scales, sensors and printers. Add devices and functionality as needed.

For More Information, Download:

  1. Plant Floor Diagram - Raw, WIP and FIN Functionality
  2. Traceability Diagram of Finished Goods showing Critical Tracking Events
  3. More Resources and White Papers

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"Now we know exactly what we put on each truck - down to the carton serial numbers."

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Automated Parts Traceability

Detailed Lot / Serial Traceability Reports

Detailed Lot Tracking Reports - easily accessible 24/7

If you are currently serializing individual parts at the point of production using laser or 2D parts marking, SPEDE can automatically capture the part serial numbers and all data linked to their manufacture - including date, line, shift, lot number, serialized container in which the part was packed, and more.

Parts Traceability is an optional feature of our PLC-controlled Line-side Labeling solutions.


Capturing Critical Tracking Events for Traceability

As a by-product of scanning Master Label serial numbers to record inventory transactions, SPEDE creates an SQL database of traceability events.

The scanned transactions or Critical Tracking Events are stored in the SPEDE Event Database.

If a major QC problem occurs, you can use standard Data Mining Tools to analyze these Event records and to:

  • Pinpoint the start of the QC issue
  • Identify the specific units affected - by Lot / Serial range, Work Order, Machine, Run Date, Shift, etc.
  • Put an electronic QC Hold on all affected units in your facility, and Enterprise-wide
  • Trace affected units Forward to all ship-to locations for limited Recall
  • Trace affected units Backward to Raw Material components and Suppliers

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