Line side Labeling Solutions for Finished Parts



Control of Partials and
Non-standard Pack Counts



Weigh Scale triggers a label when dunnage is correct




Re-pack and Re-label Control



Error-free Line-side Labeling, Packing, Shipping and more

SPEDE Automated Line-side Labeling Solutions enable 100% accurate customer shipments by automating the processes of identifying, counting, packing and labeling customer product, and eliminating the manual tasks and guesswork that can cause errors.

Our WiFi-based line-side solutions use PLCs, Vision Sensors, Weigh Scales and other technologies to ensure every container of customer product has the:

  • correct part
  • correct quantity
  • correct label

In addition to real-time line-side labeling, SPEDE solutions also give you real-time visibility of production data, serialized parts traceability, OEE data collection, and control over re-work and re-pack operations.

With Line-side Labeling, you can also get:

  • Accurate Piece Counts, using PLCs, Vision and/or Scales
  • Scrap Detection - Is this piece Good or Scrap?
  • Parts Verification - is this the Correct Part?
  • Kit Validation - is Kit complete and correct?
  • Container Labeling - Vision or PLC-directed
  • Control of Re-work
  • Control of Partials and Small Lots
  • Pack, Re-pack and Re-label Control
  • Serialized Traceability of Parts, Containers, Pallets
  • Real-time Production Data at line-side
  • OEE data collection
  • Interfaces to ERP, EDI, Release Accounting
  • Honda MPR Compliance

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