Automated Plant Floor Control
Automates and Streamlines Shop Floor Operations

Controls and Streamlines Plant Floor Processes

Real-time Shop Floor Control & Visibility

The SPEDE Material Control System is a real-time manufacturing inventory control solution that uses a WiFi network of data collection devices to automate processes, and create a real-time information environment in your 4 walls.

Shop floor management and staff can:

  1. Capture and view real-time inventory and production data
  2. Know the exact inventory on-hand, and where it is.
  3. See what's being made, and make sure the right material / resources are where they should be
  4. Make real-time decisions to improve the efficiency and profitability of your operations.

Highlights of this Modular System:

  • Controls Raw Material, WIP and Finished Goods inventory at a serialized unit level
  • Displays Real-time Location and Status data using mobile wireless devices
  • Automates and controls processes in:
    • Receiving
    • Warehousing
    • Production Reporting
    • Labeling: Containers & Pallets
    • Picking, Staging, Trailer Loading
  • Creates a Traceability database of all Serialized Pallet / Container/ Part Nbr Transactions & Events
  • Transacts with ERP, WMS, EDI and Release Accounting systems
  • Uses RFID, WiFi-enabled Handhelds, PLCs, Weigh scales, TouchScreens and Push-buttons to automate processes and capture transactions in real-time

The SPEDE Real-time Material Control System is built on a wireless (802.11) platform. It resides on a PC Server connected to your WiFi network, and manages all WiFi devices connected to it.

You can implement any or modules, depending on your business requirements.

For More Information, download: Plant Floor Diagram of SPEDE Functionality

Visit: Raw Material | Work-in-Process | Finished Goods


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