Work-in-Process (WIP) Inventory Control

Real-time WIP Tracking, Reporting, Control

Scan to Record WIP Location Transfers & Report Production

Real-time WIP Tracking



SPEDE Work-in-Process Control is a wireless solution that automates WIP tracking to provide real-time visibility of WIP and production totals.

Serialized WIP labels can be printed on-demand using real-time data from your ERP system.You can record WIP movement and production totals automatically by scanning the WIP label, and/or using RF-enabled weigh scales or PLCs to tally production totals automatically.

You'll know the location and status of each WIP unit, whether in production, the WIP warehouse, QC quarantine, or shipped offsite for processing.

The SPEDE Work-in-Process module is built on a 802.11 platform that manages the real-time network of RF and RFID devices using a thin-client architecture. It transacts with any host ERP system via loosely coupled interfaces, for real-time data exchange and automatic updates.

Highlights of SPEDE Work-in-Process:
  • Controls, tracks and traces WIP at the serialized unit level
  • Automates Production Reporting via barcode scanning, RF-enabled weigh scales and/or PLCs
  • Real-time WIP Locator System
  • Real-time WIP inquiries b y Part, Location, Qty, Work Order, Production Date, Serial Number, etc.
  • Optional FIFO control for WIP Warehousing
  • Records WIP location transfers via RF scanning
  • Verifies WIP Routing via RF scanning
  • Assigns QC Holds by Lot / Serial number of WIP units
  • Automates and Tracks Inter-Plant Transfers via scanning of WIP serial numbers
  • Updates host ERP system automatically
  • Creates Lot / Serial Traceability history - from Raw Material through WIP into Finished Goods

For More Information, download:

  1. Plant Floor Diagram of Inventory Control & Traceability Functions
  2. WIP Inventory Control Checklist to define your WIP-tracking requirements
  3. More Resources and White Papers

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Before SPEDE, data was handwritten and then keyed into ERP the next day.

Now we scan Material Moves and Production Receipts, and ERP is updated automatically.

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Real-time WIP Information - 24/7

Production Report Screen

Real-time Production Data

The SPEDE WIP Control solutions create a real-time shop floor reporting environment at the PC level that runs independently of your host ERP system.

You can access current production totals, and view real-time WIP inventory and status details on a 24/7 basis via inquiries and browser-based reports, using any RF device connected to the SPEDE RF network.

Your plant and enterprise personnel can view real-time production data at an individual facility, by order number, machine, shift, work cell, etc., and view status information such as quarantines.

Management can compare actuals to schedules, identify issues that require immediate action, and spot emerging trends that can cause problems down the line.

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