ifRaw Material Inventory Control Software System

Scan or RFID to Receive, Move, Issue Raw Material

Raw Material: Receive, Track, Trace

From Receiving through Warehousing, and into Production, the SPEDE Raw Material module provides real-time control and visibility of raw material inventory by individually serialized container.

This module of the WiFi-based SPEDE Real-time Material Control System can be installed as a standalone solution, or with other SPEDE modules for a complete 4-Walls inventory control and shop floor automation system.

Highlights and Benefits:

  1. Reduces check-in labor and time by automating the Receiving process
  2. Enables pre-labeled items to be scanned-in or RFID-read
  3. Validates incoming material to PO or ASN data
  4. Prints serialized tracking labels on-demand using mobile WIFi printers
  5. Real-time Locator System tracks Raw Material by serialized unit, part number, quantity, location, FIFO and more
  6. Automates Putaways, Moves, Issues to WIP via scanning serialized labels
  7. Automates Cycle Counts via scanning
  8. Eliminates Physical Counts and related labor costs and down-time
  9. Provides lot/serial traceabilityfrom Raw receipt into production
  10. Updates ERP automatically, eliminating manual data entry
  11. Retains a serialized inventory database at the PC server for 24/7 real-time visibility and tracking

SPEDE Supplier Labeling Module:

  • Your suppliers can print serialized barcode or RFID labels via the Internet, and apply them to shipments
  • Eliminates the need for labeling Raw Material at your Receiving Dock
  • Enables you to automate Receiving, using RF scanning or RFID

For More Information, download: Plant Diagram of SPEDE Functionality

Use our Raw Material Inventory Control Checklist to identify your priorities.


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Creates Traceability Records Automatically

  • Serialized Traceability begins at Receiving - serialized tracking labels are applied to incoming units, scanned to record the Receipt, and automatically linked to Supplier/ PO /ASN data
  • Traceability continues - A SPEDE Event Database (SQL) stores traceabiltiy records created as a by-product of scanning inventory units to record Putaway, Move and Issue transactions
  • Data Mining tools enable you to trace serialized units of Raw Material -
    • Backward to a Supplier / PO/ ASN
    • Forward to a Work Order / Production Machine / Run /Date, etc.
  • You can assign a QC Hold to a range of Lots / Serial numbers if a QC issue occurs
  • QC Holds can be applied real-time, facility-wide or enterprise-wide, as needed

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