Inventory Control with Integrated Traceability - Overview

Scanning a Unit Serial Number for Real-time Inventory Control and Visibility

Scanning a Unit's Serial Number for Real-time Visibility and Control

Real-time Inventory Control at a Granular Level

The modular SPEDE Real-time Material Control System creates a real-time information environment on the shop floor so management can see what's happening now, and ensure that:

  1. The right materials are on-hand
  2. Production is on schedule
  3. Customer orders are shipping on time.

The SPEDE System resides on a Server PC. It drops-in to your WiFi network, and manages all WiFi-enabled devices connected to the network including PLCs, weigh scales, sensors, scanners, label printers and RFID devices. There is no impact on your host systems.

Advantages of a SPEDE System solution:

  • Real-time inventory control and visibility at a serialzed unit level
  • Real-time visibility of production data
  • Automates material handling processes using WiFi scanning, weigh scales, PLCs and RFID devices
  • Creates Lot/Serial Traceability at the Part / Container / Pallet level from Receiving through Shipping
  • Transacts with host ERP, EDI and Release Accounting systems
  • Maintains a real-time SQL database of Inventory and Event transactions for queries, reports, analysis
  • Raw, WIP and FInished Goods modules can be installed individually or as a complete 4 Walls solution

For More Information, download: Plant Diagram of SPEDE Functionality

Visit: Raw Material | Work-in-Process | Finished Goods


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