Finished Goods Inventory Control System
Forklift RFID Reader Provides Real-time Shipping Control

Use RFID and/or Scanning to Automate Trailer Loading


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Finished Goods Labeling,Tracking Shipping

The SPEDE Finished Goods control software ensures 100% accuracy of customer orders by automating and controlling these processes in real-time:

  • Container Labeling
  • Pallet Labeling
  • Real-time Inventory Control at the Serialized Level
  • Picking and Staging
  • Trailer Loading
  • Lot /Serial Traceability to Customer

This module of the SPEDE Real-time Material Control System can be implemented as a standalone inventory control solution, or in combination with other SPEDE Material Control System modules.

Built on a WiFi platform, SPEDE resides on a server PC that controls all WiFi data collection devices, weigh scales, sensor devices and label printers connected to the SPEDE network.

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"Now we know exactly what we put on each truck, down to the carton serial numbers."

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Highlights of Finished Goods Control:

  • Automated Line-side Labeling using WiFi enabled PLCs, Touchscreens and/or Push-buttons
  • Automates Pallet Labeling via scanning serialized container labels
  • Automates Warehousing functions via scanningand/or RFID
  • Tracks Finished Parts by Serial #, Part #, quantity, location
  • Real-time verification of Picking, Trailer Loading to prevent errors
  • Confirms Customer order is correct before "closing" Trailer
  • Sends Ship transaction and ASN datastream to your ERP & EDI
  • Provides Lot/Serial Traceability of parts shipped to Customer
  • Interfaces to Future Three, ERP and EDI systems

Forklift RFID Reader Provides Real-time Shipping Control

Uses RFID, GPS and WiFi for Real-time Visibility of Trailers and their Contents in your Yard

Interfaces to RFID Yard Tracking System

The SPEDE System can interface to the PINC Solutions RFID Yard Management System to provide real -time visibility of the contents of trailers in your yard, down to the serialized unit level.

This means your yard can serve as a virtual warehouse.

During the trailer loading process, the SPEDE Shipping function creates an electronic manifest of a trailer's contents at the serialized pallet/ container level.

SPEDE then records a "Ship Transaction" if the trailer is bound for a customer destination, or a "Location Transfer" if the trailer will remain in your yard.

The PINC Yard Management System tracks the arrival, departure and location of trailers in the yard, using a combination of RFID, GPS and WiFi ttechnologies.

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Visit: PINC Solutions' RFID Yard Management System

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