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Our Specialty

As a software and systems company founded 35 years ago, our products have evolved as new technologies have become available. The core of our solutions has been real-time inventory control and automating plant floor processes from Receiving through Shipping. But today our focus is narrower.

Our specialty is Automated Line-side Solutions that streamline and error-proof the mission-critical processes related to identifying, labeling, packing and shipping Finished Product.

Our WiFi solutions integrate a variety of technologies including PLCs, vision, weigh scales, sensors and barcode to ensure that all parts are accurately identified, counted, packed, labeled, shipped and traced. These solutions create a real-time information environment on the plant floor, while increasing accuracy, efficiency and visibility.

Our Customers are mid-size to Fortune 500 automotive suppliers and manufacturers with multiple plant sites throughout the U.S. and in Mexico.

Our History

1980 - Founded to Develop "Software for Micro Computers"

With backgrounds in IBM mainframes, banking and accounting, we founded "Computer Software Corporation" (CSC) to develop a suite of accounting and inventory software for the new "micro computers". We installed PC systems in manufacturing companies throughout the U.S. and Canada. Our first products ran under the CP/M (!) , DOS and O/S2 operating systems. We also developed a customer base management system that sold worldwide.

1985 - Introduced Barcode Solutions for Shop Floor Control

As barcode scanning technology evolved from large supermarket conveyors to handheld devices, we integrated barcode scanning into our Inventory and Job Management systems. These were among the first barcode solutions to automate WIP Tracking and Labor Data Collection in the U.S.

1989 - 2004 - Doing Business as "Barcode Data Systems"

By 1989, our focus was barcode-based inventory control systems for medium to Fortune 500 auto suppliers, manufacturers and distribution companies. To reflect our focus, we adopted a new trade name of "Barcode Data Systems".

1993 - Launched the "SPEDE System" for Automotive Suppliers

We developed the SPEDE System initially for auto suppliers to comply with OEM mandates to print barcoded shipping labels. We soon enhanced it to include on-demand labeling and real-time inventory and shop floor control. Our first Customer was - and still is - a Tier 1 supplier with 28 plants in the U.S. and Mexico. SPEDE is now used by numerous large multi-plant manufacturing companies in a variety of industries to label, track and trace inventory, and automate plant and warehouse operations.

2002 - Expanded into Pet Food Manufacturing

A large private-label pet food manufacturer with 24 facilities needed real-time production reporting, Finished Goods labeling, inventory traceability, and automated processes in Warehousing, Picking and Shipping. We configured the SPEDE System to fit their business requirements, and entered a new sector of the manufacturing industry.

2004 - Launched "Push-button Labeling"

We invented the SPEDE RF Push-button, a WiFi device that can be installed at a production line and configured to print the correct label for the Part being made at that line. The solution eliminates errors in labeling Finished Product and enables compliance with Honda's "line-side labeling" mandate.

Push-button Labeling is now installed in facilities throughout the U.S. One customer location uses 70 Push-buttons, and prints 350,000 labels a year - without a single error.

U.S. Patent Issued for the SPEDE Push-button LabelingSolution in 2011.

2005 - Launched RFID Trailer Loading System

A Tier 1 auto supplier needed a simple solution to eliminate errors in trailer loading and ASNs. We developed the first RFID-based Trailer Loading system for automotive suppliers. RFID is now supported by all SPEDE modules from Receiving to Shipping.

2006 - Adopted the Trade Name: "SPEDE Technologies"

Our SPEDE Software solutions were continuously enhanced to capitalize on the benefits of the latest technologies, including RFID, barcode scanning and WiFi -enabled weigh scales, PLCs and push-buttons. To reflect our expertise beyond barcode technology, we adopted the new trade name of "SPEDE Technologies" .

2008 - Launched RFID Locator System for Overhead Cranes

For Steel Processing companies, the challenge of locating a specific coil among many hundreds in a warehouse often required labor-intensive floor searches, and radio communications with a crane operator. We pioneered the use of RFID readers and RF lasers mounted to the overhead crane to automatically identify unique coils, and record their precise X-Y-Z location as the coils are received, moved, put away and picked.

2010 - Launched "PLC-controlled Labeling" Solution

Our SPEDE customers that use PLCs at production lines presented us with another opportunity to error-proof the process of labeling Finished Product at line-side.

We developed a modified version of the patented SPEDE WiFi Push-button that can interface to a PLC, and trigger a label to print automatically when a pack count of "good" parts is made.

2011 - Food Traceability - Assisting the "Institute of Food Technologies" (IFT)

Since 1993, the SPEDE System has included the functionality to create detailed electronic Lot / Serial traceability records automatically, as a by-product of scanning inventory transactions from Receiving through Shipping.

In January, 2011 Congress passed the Food Safety and Modernization Act (FSMA) in response to a series of major recalls and tainted food incidents. The FDA contracted with the IFT, a non-profit organization, to conduct 2 pilot traceability solutions that will help guide the new regulations.

SPEDE Technologies was invited by the Institue of Food Technologies to assist in evaluating the results of the pilot traceability project and offer recommendations for proceeding.

2014 - Added Vision and Sensor Technologies to SPEDE System

To further streamline and error-proof processes at the production line and in packing areas, we integrated Vision and Sensor technologies to identify and validate parts, count pieces, detect good vs. scrap pieces, and trigger container labels to print automatically when a pack count of good parts is reached.

2015 - Celebrating our 35th Year in Business

Today, the original CSC partners still lead the company. As a privately-held Ohio Corporation, we've financed our R&D through revenue, not venture capital.

In 1997, we purchased our building and 5 acres of real estate in Westlake, Ohio, an upscale community located 10 miles west of Cleveland near the Lake Erie shore.

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